Technology Consulting

We're not just a software vendor, we're a tech partner.

We don’t just build applications – we design, plan, support, and decommission them too. We help your firm design the right infrastructure so that when it’s built, there are no surprises.

We also help you simplify your technology problems into manageable iterations that produce real results in incremental steps. In spite of our large degree of expertise, we aren’t lone rangers. Scaled Dynamics can leverage our extensive partner network of other experienced technology vendors in our space to provide you with the right mix of solutions.

Network Architecture

The consultants at Scaled Dynamics understand the unique needs of trading firms. We also understand the specific demands placed on a network during trading hours and after. We’ve designed, built, maintained, and support a multitude of professional trading networks.

Technology Management

Because we spend so much time creating and implementing software solutions, we have built many infrastructures to support and manage them. As a result, we’ve gotten pretty good at understanding complex development processes, software lifecycles, and systems integration. If you’re having any trouble getting two systems to talk to each other, our team can get the job done.

Schedule a One-Hour Phone Consultation

We get it, and we’re here to help. During our telephone consultation we will build an understanding of your problem and suggest next steps to solving it.

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