GK 3.1 Release Notes

Introducing “Iceberg” and the Position Manager.

August 17th, 2013

Scaled Dynamics has released a series of enhancements to its flagship product, Gatekeeper. The new version (3.1) offers bug resolutions, “Iceberg” functionality to Spread Bandit and the introduction of the Position Manger. Gatekeeper 3.1 is immediately available for purchase and free 2 week demo in the Scaled Dynamics store. Existing users of Gatekeeper 3 may upgrade to 3.1 for no charge by logging into the Scaled Dynamics Website with their existing SD_ID.

Using Spread Bandit‘s new “Iceberg” functionality, Spread Bandit will attempt to obtain a desirable spread position by working orders using a predefined “clip size” and re-submitting orders until the entire desired quantity has been filled.

Position manager allows traders and risk managers to reconcile fills and analyze positions under a variety of market conditions including changes in price, volatility, time, and even hypothetical fills. Positions can be saved to the SD Cloud for later use.

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