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Gatekeeper is among the most powerful option trading tools known to man! It has been battle hardened time and time again by experienced options professionals who demand the ultimate in speed and reliability.

Traders and trading firms rely on Gatekeeper to automate a wide variety of quoting, market making, and volatility-based options strategies because it has proven itself to be fast, reliable, and cost-effective. It scales well throughout the trading firm and its collaborative features allow multiple traders to work together to conquer the markets.

Trade Volatility

Gatekeeper’s volatility trading functionality is unparalleled. You can create synthetic splines to auto-quote based on your own volatility curve. You can also utilize the SD Formula Engine to tweak your pricing models custom and specific to your needs.

Quote Spreads and Auto-Respond to RFQ’s

With the Scaled Dynamics Formula Strategy Template Engine, automated, formula-based strategies can be deployed to respond to market events such as RFQ’s.

Dynamic Gamma Hedging

Everyone who trades large gamma positions knows that maintaining their dynamic hedges can make or break their trade. That’s why Scaled Dynamics has developed the ultimate gamma hedging tool, the SD Bookstacker. By setting a user-defined midpoint, interval, total number of orders, and “profit offset”, automated orders can stack in the underlying to dynamically hedge a gamma position 24 hours a day.

Automated Delta Hedging

Every time one of your auto-quoted trades are triggered, an event-based order can be sent to the underlying, neighboring strikes, or even profit-taking orders in the strike you just traded.

Safety Controls

Though Gatekeeper is incredibly customizable and powerful, you won’t be left in the dark when things go wrong. Gatekeeper has a number of safety features that will pull orders automatically if you lose your internet connection, if volatilities trade outside of your comfort zone, or any number of other user-configurable safety nets.

Risk Management

Gatekeeper’s risk solution allows for comprehensive analytics, alerts, and self-imposed limits.

  • View greek information (Delta, Gamma, Vega, Theta, Rho) for positions by strike, instrument, or as an aggregate
  • View position information for the day’s trading in the Order Book
  • View and save position analyzers in the Position Manager
  • Save and share position information

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