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Gatekeeper connects to a multitude of leading exchange connectivity venues spanning a broad range of asset classes including Bitcoin, Options, Futures, Equities, ETFs, and Bonds. Impressive connectivity aside, what you can DO with Gatekeeper is what really sets it apart.

We have something for everyone – volatility, breakout, mean-reverting, and market making traders of all asset classes can leverage Gatekeeper‘s automated execution tools to fit their needs.

Multi-Asset, Multi-Broker

Trade multiple asset classes, exchanges, and accounts through a single front end. We support Bitcoin, Futures, Equities, Forex, Options, Binary Options, Bonds, Warrants, Forwards, Swaps, Spreads, and many more. Our list of supported venues is constantly growing, so you won’t be left behind.

Gatekeeper supports high speed order routing through a multitude of third-party adapters, meaning that you can understand your aggregate position across all of your brokerage accounts, platforms, and venues.

Automation Tools

Our powerful, automated execution tools can facilitate latency sensitive trades including market making and auto-spreading. We have native support for formula-based execution, book-stacking, and spreading. If for some reason that isn’t enough, we leverage a powerful API so that you can develop your own strategies. Don’t have a programming staff to automate your strategies? We do, and we’re happy to loan them out to you.

Strategy Creation

The SD Formula Engine opens an endless list of possibilities for customization. If you can express your trading idea in a mathematical or logical formula, you can automate your orders. If you ever have trouble, we’re always here to help you.

Order Management

Set up accounts and keep track of all your outstanding and filled orders in one window. Even keep track of orders that come from outside sources or orders placed using our automated tools. We also offer manual trades from outside sources (eg. floor trades).

Risk Controls

Gatekeeper has built-in position and risk information, including self-imposed trading limits. Failover services are available that will cancel automated orders in the event of system crashes or power/internet outages.

Live Data

Access live price updates and market depth.


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