The only complete multi-asset, multi-broker trading platform in the world.

Professional high frequency traders, brokers, money managers, risk managers and even individual traders and amateurs all agree – never before has trading been so easy.

Gatekeeper 3.2 connects to a multitude of leading exchange connectivity venues spanning a broad range of asset classes including Bitcoin, Options, Futures, Equities, ETFs, and Bonds. If you don’t see a liquidity venue offered, you can build out your own exchange connectivity adapters using Gatekeeper API, or you can work with our experienced technology team to build one for you.

Gatekeeper is the ONLY professional trading platform that has been battle-hardened by professional high frequency traders for years and despite our ridiculously high performance, we’re not out of your price range. With order routing as cheap as $50/mo. and automated professional tools starting at $500/mo., we offer sophisticated tools at a price affordable to anyone.

Key Features:

  • Access to trade multiple asset classes, exchanges, and accounts through a single front end
  • High speed order routing through a multitude of third-party adapters
  • Powerful automated execution tools
  • Built-in position and risk information, including self-imposed limits
  • Sharable cloud-centralized workspaces with colleagues, customers, students, and friends

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