Formula Engine

Trade your way without giving up any secrets.

The SD Formula Engine allows traders to customize the way they trade. Rather than hiring developers to build custom applications, the Formula Engine allows you to control strategies by building simple formulas.

The Formula Engine is the cornerstone of the Gatekeeper trading platform. Formula Strategies, Bookstackers, Strategy Templates, and even some of the filtering and alert functionality relies on the Formula Engine. Gatekeeper aside, we designed the Formula Engine to be as flexible as possible outside of Gatekeeper for use as an API library.

Key Features:

  • Obtain instrument information (Bid, Ask, Last, etc.) and perform calculations based on current market data
  • Perform options analysis using built-in models (Black 76, Black Scholes, etc.) to value options and their greeks
  • Perform calculations based on a standardized math library
  • API users can create custom symbols based on literally anything

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