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Scaled Dynamics has built an architecture that is extensible and empowers the trader through its open API’s. Leveraging our powerful API and adapters, users can build execution algorithms, post-trade allocation systems, back-office adapters, middle-office risk systems, and more.

Scaled Dynamics’ own flagship product, Gatekeeper, is directly written to the Gatekeper API, meaning that it has been extensively battle-hardened and tested for speed and stability. Utilize the Gatekeeper API to extend the power of its multi-asset class type system and extensive adapter base. The Gatekeeper API simplifies development and increases vendor neutrality by allowing API customers to leverage any adapters supported.

If you like the Gatekeeper front end but already have a significant infrastructure in place, you can simply build an adapter to your existing infrastructure to leverage the full power of Gatekeeper without having to make any back-end changes. The API is multi-asset class, meaning that you can build your own connectivity to almost any imaginable kind of liquidity venue. If you have performance requirements that are not met by any of our currently supported vendors or adapters, our professional services group can help you build the connectivity you need.

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