SD Joins TT Connected Partner Program

Scaled Dynamics, Inc. Joins Trading Technologies’ TT Connected Partner Program

April 20, 2011

Scaled Dynamics, Inc. today announced that Scaled Dynamics has joined Trading Technologies International, Inc’s (TT) TT Connected Partner Program.  GateKeeper, Scaled Dynamics’ front-end trading interface, will connect to TT’s exchange gateways though TT’s X_TRADER® API.  Gatekeeper facilitates a groundbreaking user interaction experience by allowing customers to deploy, execute, and manage complex options market-making strategies.

    “We’re very happy to see Scaled Dynamics become a TT Connected Partner, “ said Dan Mourning, Director TT Connected Partner Program.  “GateKeeper is yet another application that can be used to extend the functionality of our popular X_TRADER platform.”
    “Becoming a part of the TT Connected Partner Program allows Scaled Dynamics to extend the exchange connectivity of GateKeeper dramatically, and offers our mutual end users the extended functionality of the already powerful X_TRADER platform,” said Justin Braun, CEO of Scaled Dynamics. “This combination will give both TT’s and Scaled Dynamics’ customers the ability to quickly and easily make sense of market generated information and configure option trading strategies based on fair value utilizing a variety of powerful formulas.”

About Scaled Dynamics ( is a premier Independent Software Vendor (ISV) catering to the software needs of automated price feed and order entry end users across the globe, including Futures Commissions Merchants (FCMs), proprietary trading operations, brokers, and individual traders.  Headquartered in Chicago, Scaled Dynamics offers customized software solution services in addition to its suite of high-performance execution and risk management products with a specialty in futures, options and other derivatives.