CEO, Justin Braun

Trailblazing through the financial industry.

Serial entrepreneur and longtime veteran of the futures industry, Justin Braun began developing custom software solutions for the financial industry in 2003.

Prior to founding Scaled Dynamics in 2010, Mr. Braun spent his career working for industry leaders in the electronic trading space in roles that ranged from network engineering, software development, business development, and executive leadership. After having spent a number of years working for software companies where his primary job description involved flying around the world hacking his employers’ own software to make it work for the clients, Mr. Braun founded Scaled Dynamics by wondering what the world would be like if the engineers actually listened to their customers.

Justin is the front-man of the Scaled Dynamics Rock Band. He is primarily responsible for growing the consulting arm of the business when he’s not managing the the day-to-day operations or participating in most aspects of the product design and functionality. He even writes some of the Gatekeeper code when time allows.

Justin is an avid outdoorsman and aviation enthusiast. He spends any spare moments working on his private pilot’s license or hiking in the American South West.

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